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I really enjoyed the Pilates session, I had a bit of a bad back at the time, and can say that after the Pilates class it felt like it had sorted itself after the stretching and exercises done in the class.  I will definitely do the class again.

Amy - Corporate
wellness morning

Confident Young Woman

I really love Gemma's classes.  Her Pilates has improved my posture and alignment and it is clear she enjoys teaching it.  She is very knowledgeable and puts a good flow of movements in.  I always feel happy and refreshed after my Friday morning fix...I'm addicted!


Confident Fit Woman

I started Pilates with Gem 18 months ago to compliment my running training.  It has helped with my form, keeping me injury free and building core strength.  Gem's classes are great because they vary each week focusing on different areas but are challenging enough to give you a good workout.  I've been to other Pilates classes but Gems are by far the best as she teaches every move clearly and isn't just going through the motions.  I've noticed a massive improvement in my running and mental wellbeing since joining.


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